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Application Pack for Community Organiser Post

Please find attached the Advertisement, Job Description, Person Specification and Application Form for the post of Community Organiser at the Coopers Edge Temporary Community Centre.
If you would like to discuss the post please do not hesitate to send an email to or call 07923599526. Please note the phone number is currently managed by volunteers so if you do not receive an immediate answer please leave a contact number and someone will call you back.

Community Organiser Advertisement – Coopers Edge advert v2

Community Organiser Job Description –  CE_community_organiser_Job_Description_

Community Organiser Person Specification – Community_Organiser_Person_Specification

Community Organiser Application Form – Coopers Edge Trust Application Form – Community Organiser

Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form – Coopers Edge Trust – Equal Opportunity Monitoring Form


Neighbourhood Challenge – The First Exciting Milestones

Sorry it’s been a little while since the last blog, but the last couple of weeks have been all about paperwork so there has not been anything exciting to report until now!
Two key milestones in our project have just been reached, on Thursday the planning application for our Temporary Community Centre was submitted to Stroud District Council – a picture of the plan is attached. It’s quite small but if you zoom in you should be able to see the detail. As its only an Elliot Classroom it won’t be as nice as the Community Room that will be in the school when it opens, but it will be a great interim solution, as currently there is no public facility on Coopers Edge.
There are no hard and fast plans as to what services will be on offer in the Temporary Community Centre – it’s a building for the residents of Coopers Edge so let us know what you want to be on offer there, or if you want to run a class or use the building please get in touch. There are a couple of things we are not allowed to do for insurance reasons (there is always someone with some boring rules) however essentially anything goes so please we would love to hear from anyone with ideas and suggestions.
The second exciting milestone is the advertisement for the Community Organiser who will be working for the community and based in the Temporary Community Centre. Having a full time worker will hopefully make a real difference to the community and they will coordinate the time table of events that are on at the community centre and be available if you want to drop in with ideas and suggestions. The advert should be in the local paper later this week and details of the application pack will be on the website shortly.
If you or anyone who know might be interested in applying please check the site for the application pack in the next few days (or if you really can’t wait please email and we will send you the details.
Anyways – that’s all we have time for for now, but hopefully you can see that we are starting to make progress in the right direction and we promise we will update the blog again soon.
Temporary Community Centre Plan


Neighbourhood Challenge – Getting down to work

Well, it’s not really stopped since we found out that we were one of the Neighbourhood Challenge finalists. Anyone who thought that getting accepted to the programme was the end of the hard work was totally mistaken, it was only the beginning.

We have been carrying out lots of different tasks; we have a small group working on organizing the community party – something you think would be fun, but it’s a lot of hard work as well !We need contingency plans if it rains, permission to hold the party, the relevant licenses, public liability insurance and make sure we are not clashing with other community events!

We could not have even made the application without the support of our architects, Roberts Limbrick and Carter Construction. They have been working very hard on setting up the planning application for the temporary unit- it’s a far cry from their normal board room meetings; when they meet with us it’s a case of sitting on the living room floor with a group of volunteers as two toddlers in pyjamas run around the room with some plastic plates (one toddler trying to lead the other astray…….more of that to come as they get older I imagine!)

We are also in the process of preparing to advertise for our community worker. It’s such a critical role to the success of the temporary community centre that we really want to get the appointment right. With this in mind we have been looking at lots of other projects and what they have done, but essentially we need to get the right person for Coopers Edge and need to find our own path.

As well as all of this, we have just distributed our latest newsletter to every home in Coopers Edge. This was really good fun as Spring is in the air so it was not as cold as usual, plus we had lots more volunteers than in the past which made it much easier and quicker, and we had a laugh as we were doing it! (Special thanks also to two new members of our editorial team – I think this has been the best newsletter ever)

And I nearly forgot – our new website went live as well! There really is no time to draw breath here in Coopers Edge!

So that’s all we have time for now – check back soon


Neighbourhood Challenge Success

For the last three months we’ve been working on a funding application to run a project called Neighbourhood Challenge. The fund is worth £150k to the community, and it aims to encourage localism through building social capital amongst neighbours and community groups. We plan place a temporary community centre adjacent to the new school and employ a Community Organiser who will be responsible for developing sustainable local services.

Today we found out today that we have been successful in our application. Three of us made the trip to London for the announcement and we’ve just got back from what was a long, but really interesting day. We met the fifteen other successful projects from across England. Well done to everyone involved in the bid and to everyone in the community for the ideas they submitted – it was a pretty tight deadline given we had to work on it over the Christmas holidays!

In the next few weeks we will start work to get the community centre up and running and the community worker recruited – but please don’t think for one minute that that will mean we don’t need community input anymore. The reverse is true – whilst we have secured some funding it will only go so far and to make our dreams into reality we need more people to get involved.

It’s been a long day so we won’t say anymore now – however more details will come in the next week or so and the next edition of Edgy News will be distributed to all homes at the end of February. In the mean time if you are interested a little more detail about the programme is below.

Around 600 community organisations across England originally applied to be part of the 12 month programme of which   16 organisations will now be provided with funding and support to trial an approach to community organising that reflects their own vision for what will work best in their area.

The Neighbourhood Challenge is a new programme from NESTA, working with the Big Lottery Fund, to support community-led innovation. It aims to show how community organisations – when equipped with the right skills, practical tools and small, catalytic amounts of money – can galvanise people to work together to create innovative responses to local priorities.

A full list of finalists can be found at

Once again, well done to all those involved!


Here’s a picture of us at NESTA

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