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The first stay and play

What a great success for our first stay and play session at the Temporary Community Centre. Some old faces and some new, and one of the families that came wasn’t even from Coopers Edge, but had heard on the grapevine that there was going to be a new Stay and Play session happening. It was really great that people were so pleased about this event, which after discussion with those who attended, we have decided to make this a weekly event. It will be held every Friday from 9.30 until 11.30. Tea, coffee, squash and biscuits will be on offer for the grown ups, and for the children we will have snack time with juice/water. For this, we ask for £1 upon arriving, and £1.50 for 2 children. There will be weekly crafts and song time at the end of each session.
We hope to see you there.

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Please note childrens faces have been obscured for safegaurding reasons.


A few picutres of the Temporary Community Centre in development……

Hi Everyone,

Finally after what seems like a very long time since we got the funding (about three months) the Temporary Community Centre will be ready next week. There are a few photos of the ‘work in progress’ below.

If you interested in running an event, group or club please get in touch, we want it to be a resource for the community, rather than an empty building. We have a few limitations – there are a couple of martial arts the insurance won’t permit, but from pilates to parent and toddler, art groups to Spanish classes, we’d love it if people come forward with ideas and things they want to run.

We have a couple of things coming up in the next few days, some help getting the place setup on Sunday and a Stay and Play on Friday 17th. Check the Facebook group for event details:-!/group.php?gid=14166659235

Thanks for everyone’s support and help with the community group so far, and hopefully the temporary community centre will become a big success.

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Our second full month (oops we’re a few days late!)

1. What’s been going well so far and why?

So far the response to our project seems to have been overwhelmingly positive. The key group members have been given a boost by the support from NCVO and the funding has allowed us to begin an exciting journey which will take us down paths previously unavailable to a group with no income.

The fete was a huge success, combining a celebration of success with an information-giving event for members of the community who are new or have not heard about what we are doing. Bill, our community-organiser was in attendance and was able to meet lots of people and hopefully start lots of positive relationships.

It was great to have so many new volunteers involved in planning the day, and we were overwhelmed with offers of help on the day. Thanks so much every body! (Though it would have been great if someone could have stopped the wind!)

The temporary community centre is almost ready… and that is so exciting for us all!

2. What are the most challenging things you’ve faced so far and why?

One of the hardest things has been the amount of extra time that has been required. In the initial stages there has been a lot of administration which is tome consuming. The application to become a registered charity, a lot of administration the Neighbourhood challenge work stream, completing surveys and even writing blog entries!

While we respect these things are really important, they can feel like the less fun tasks take precious time away from ‘on the ground’ activities. Hopefully new volunteers that love admin will come forward!

One of the big challenges we face is that as a predominantly voluntary group the hours people give are their precious personal time (often giving up hours will families and children). When someone asks for last minute additional information, or changes a plan and we need to respond immediately that means someone giving up there evening, or lunch break to meet a deadline and that can be really hard. It’s something that local authorities, media and others really need to think about with the advent of the big society – if people are volunteering they are likely to be doing it in outside work hours. As such they need adequate time manage those tasks. Its not like when you at work and can be asked to drop everything as your getting paid.

3. How have the community been involved in the project set up so far?

We are gathering new ‘active’ members all the time, with new people coming forward to take on roles such as running the newsletter, taking surveys, organising fundraising etc.

4. Has anything surprising happened, within or around your project so far?

Completing the research project for Icarus has enabled us to talk to community members in a focussed manner, drawing out information which we might never have gained. This has led to offers of help from people who might never have otherwise realised how they can contribute. Individual ideas from community members have started to come through which are really nice to see and people are taking responsibility for organising their own activities (someone has set up some guided walks).


Changes that the consortium of developers building Coopers Edge have proposed to the District and County Councils

20110204 Proposed modifications WYG to GCC & LPAs (redacted)[1]

Above is a copy of the letter which was sent by WYG, a management consultancy acting on behalf of the developers .
We are posting this letter on the blog as we feel it is important for all residents of Coopers Edge, (current and future) and the surrounding area to be aware of the fact that the consortium of developers are attempting to renegotiate the terms of the Section 106 agreements previously negotiated with Gloucestershire County Council and Stroud and Tewkesbury District Councils. Whilst this posting is not a formal response to the letter, as the group running the new school in Coopers Edge we feel obliged to make a representation in relation to point two in the letter.
We would like to point out that at no point either before the writing of this letter, or in 2009 when previous discussions are referred to has anyone from WYG, or anyone acting on their behalf been in contact with the Coopers Edge Trust in relation to making amendments to Community Facilities agreed in the original Section 106 agreement.
Furthermore, despite us holding several open design consultations in Spring and Summer 2010 no representatives of WYG, or anyone acting on their behalf made representations to us as part of those consultations relating to the design of the school or the management of additional community facilities by it.
We would like to point out that the community facilities at the school were designed, following in depth discussions with Stroud District Council (who the Community Centre agreed to be provided at the occupation of the 1000th home will be handed over to) to be complimentary to, and not instead of the community centre adjacent to the site. There are for example no adult changing facilities within the school, the Multi use games area is not flood lit, and the sports pitch is only junior size, so whilst these facilities can be used for the benefit of the community, they are in no way adequate replacements to the other services offered.
The Coopers Edge Trust and Community Group are committed to representing the views of the residents of Coopers Edge and as such we would invite you to share your thoughts and comments on this letter and we will pass all feedback we receive onto the relevant district and county council planning authorities.


Coopers Edge Walks – June

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