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July Report – Good Heavens, We’re on time – there is a first for everything!

Q: What’s been going well so far and why?

The Temporary Community Centre is beginning to evolve as the hub we had anticipated and hoped for. Stay & Play sessions have been established with a strong turnout & additional family time activities are just starting. Several group activities are beginning as well as some core health and welfare & debt advice service sessions. We have a month packed with summer activities to bring people together and all generated through external support, fundraising & volunteering. Section 106 issues have been dominating local interest and especially as several triggers have been missed by statutory authorities & developers. The focus is now on galvanising the passion & energy following a Public Meeting attended by over 80 residents. The connections and relationships that are being forged are an important platform for our challenge prize launch.

Q: What are the most challenging things you’ve faced so far and why?
As our development is starting from scratch the need to work at a high pace to meet the challenge milestones is most pressing. The community has a strong appetite around section 106 and due to the lack of core facilities & infrastructure in the locality. The accumulation of issues whilst implementing the challenge prize & seed funding is a difficult balancing act.

Q: How have the community been involved in the project set up so far?
Community engagement has been building steadily and the bank of volunteers is growing and predominantly centred around the community hub. We have secured external funding to conduct a community consultation exercise to address the lack of local resident core knowledge. This will add value to the challenge programme and aid us in our prize scheme launch

Q: Has anything surprising happened, within or around your project so far?

The strength of turnout at a recent Public Meeting was slightly unexpected & the relationships and conversations that are evolving as a consequence are very encouraging in terms of fostering a community identity and spirit.


First Week of the School Holiday Programme

Bill and our team of volunteers have be working really hard to ensure that there is a good programme of events for the young people of Coopers Edge over the holidays. We know the lack of facilities is frustrating and so we are doing everything we can to make sure there are fun things to do. And the activities kicked off this week with a treasure hunt on Thursday which Howard very kindly organised and planned.

Good fun was had by all as you can see from the picture below and the event was so popular other that a couple more events will be added to the programme – check earlier posts for the full timetable!

Remember the Play rangers are coming to Coopers Edge on Tuesday (2nd) between 10 and 4 and every Tuesday for the next 4 weeks. Den making, Sports, Art & Crafts & much more. A treat for all young people & don’t miss out. Over 7’s sign in & come & go as you please – under 7’s need to be accompanied. And best of all its FREE!

We know from talking to parents with younger children that they get a bit frustrated that all activities for pre-schoolers seem to stop in the summer holidays, so our Stay and Play will continue to run through the holidays – A massive thanks to Gill, Laura and Laura and all our other volunteers that help to run this event. There is a very small charge (£1 and 50p for each additional child) to cover tea, coffee and snacks – if you have an problem paying with this please speak to Bill in confidence.

In addition to this session Brockworth Children’s Centre will be running family time on Tuesdays between 1 and 3 – again this activity is suitable for Children from 0-5.

Plus we have our first trip on Friday – Free return coach for residents & reduced entrance at £9.50 adult, £6.50 for 3 to 16 year olds – Under 3’s are free. To book call me on 07923599526 – it’s almost full but due to a cancellation there maybe a couple of spaces left so be quick!

Hopefully the weather will stay nice, and if it does please remember to bring sun cream for the Play Rangers and the trip to the wildlife park.

Our succesful team of treasure hunters!


COOPERS EDGE PUBLIC MEETING – 7.00 pm till 8.30.

At The Temporary Community Centre

This is our follow up meeting from July 18th and will be an opportunity for us to talk openly and candidly about our next steps. A raft of issues were raised at the first meeting and on 1st August we’ll start with any updates on progress from the Council’s & Developer’s. It’s important that we focus on what we can achieve as a community and build on the fantastic spirit and turnout from the first meeting. Please spread the word & let your friends/neighbours know about the meeting as the more of us; the more we can do.

Looking forward to seeing you all on 1st August.

Best wishes,



Coopers Edge Cricket Team Meeting

As per previous information about the newly formed Coopers Edge Cricket Club we will be holding a meeting at the community centre at 7.30pm on Wednesday 27th July for all interested people to meet up, put their names down and discuss the future of the team before our first friendly match on the 3rd August.

You are very welcome to come along if you want to find out more, players of all standards welcome


Alan or Tel 07740 359959


Summer Activity Programme

Please find attached details of the summer holiday programme.


Events July 2011


The 250 Club

As mentioned in this months newsletter we are really pleased to launch the Coopers Edge Trust 250 Club, it’s an opportunity for you to win some money, and raise money for the community centre at the same time. The first draw will be in August and then monthly after that. The rules and explanation and an application form are attached below.

If you want to pay monthly, annually or quarterly that’s fine. Just download the application form below and drop it back to the community centre with a cheque or cash. Each number costs £1 and you can have more than one number if you like.

Good luck

Coopers Edge 250 Club Information and Rules

Coopers Edge 250 Club Application form




Coopers Edge Travel Meeting

Atkins Global have been appointed by the County Council using S106 money from the developers to run a transport consultation on Coopers Edge. Please note the community group are not organising this meeting however Atkins have asked us to post it here for your information.

Coopers Edge Travel Meeting – Atkins


Public Meeting

It was amazing to see the community room packed with so many residents at the public meeting – thank you all so much for coming. We will be in touch with everyone who gave their details soon and will share the promised feedback from the councils as soon as we get it. For those of you that want to meet again we look forward to seeing you at 7pm on Monday 1st of August at the Temporary Community Centre. A couple of pictures are below.

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The Newly Formed Coopers Edge Cricket Club

Are you interested in joining the newly formed Coopers Edge Cricket Club? We are looking for new members (playing and non-playing) as we start up with a view to playing a few friendly matches this year and joining a midweek 20 over league next summer.

We will be starting as a midweek 20 over team with games likely to be played on Wednesday evenings. Our first friendly is the 3rd of August. If you are interested contact Alan Shackell on 07740 359959 or email:


June Report…..

What’s been going well so far and why?
June has been a bit of a break through month for the Trust and rather than specifically things going well, it’s actually felt like things are coming together! The Community Room has been handed over and activities have started to take place.
The first weekend the community room was handed over we had around 15 volunteers turn up and help put up shelves, notice boards, toilet roll holders to make the room useable. Some who we had never met before you had just seen our posts on Twitter, Facebook or the blog. For those of us who have been involved in the community group from the beginning (when there were only 30 or so houses) it was amazing to see so many new people and witness how much the estate has grown.
We have a couple of brilliant volunteers that have setup a stay and play session for preschool children on Friday mornings and more people are coming each week.
Our community organiser is getting into his stride and has been making lots of good connections locally and is starting to put together a programme of events for the summer holidays which will be announced in the newsletter due out in the next few days.
The other great thing about having more people involved is that we are getting more suggestions and ideas about things we can do and the group is growing and evolving.
2. What are the most challenging things you’ve faced so far and why?
Whilst very exciting and desperately needed in Coopers Edge opening the Temporary Community Centre and employing a community worker have drastically changed the requirements on the trustees, from a small group with very limited resources outside the school and making a small difference to one with some very big responsibilities.
Health and Safety policies, dealing with HMRC and other similar organisations has become an almost daily task and its hard work – nothing is written in plain english and even though we have some very experienced trustees is still feels a little like things are written in another language and people almost want you to trip up. For example the fire service would not even come out and visit the centre to give advice – just fill in the form on our website they said – its over 60 pages, and whilst we can do it, an expert popping in for five minutes would make a difference.
We are really pleased to have more people involved and new ideas, but juggling that with the programme we originally submitted to NESTA for the Neighbourhood Challenge is hard work. Now we have more expertise and ideas we know we can achieve even more, it’s just a question of getting it done in time to meet our deadlines for funding.
We have become a registered charity this month, and this should have been fairly simple, however our solicitor and the charity commission had some differing opinions and wording and it felt like we were caught in the cross fire! We got there in the end but it was more trying that it needed to be and we can understand why a lot of people give up.
3. How have the community been involved in the project set up so far?
As mentioned in the first two questions more people are getting involved all the time – the Facebook group is coming into its own and is a fantastic forum for ideas and communication between residents.
The volunteers that helped transform the community centre were amazing and a fundraising committee is coming together to help plan some more events!
4. Has anything surprising happened, within or around your project so far?
We had the research results from Icarus this week, and it’s really interesting to see the answer to questions that we would never have even though to ask. We only got the results in the last few days but we are really looking forward to going through this in detail and using the data to look at what we can do better and what services people need signposting to.