Revealing all about Coopers Den………….

Well hello, since I first popped up a couple of weeks ago I know a lot of you have been curious as to who or what Coopers Den is all about, and its finally time to reveal all!

Ever had an idea about doing something to benefit the community? Something that you are passionate about but need some extra help to get it started? That’s where Coopers Den comes in. I assembled a crack team of my local dragon friends to help kick-start up to 10 great ideas.

We have a limit of up to £5000 of funding that you can apply for to get your ideas off the ground. On the other hand if its advice and support you need we can help with that too. Just remember it has
to be for the benefit of the community, with any profits going back into that community…what’s known as a social enterprise.

With so many great ideas out there you can imagine it will be tough to decide how to put our money to best use. This is here my dragon friends come in. We will gather applications throughout
September. After that we will get everyone together in Coopers Den in early October to meet the Dragon’s and pitch their ideas…sound familiar?

Don’t worry our dragon’s don’t bite…they are looking for as many great ideas as possible. There’s no need to be nervous as there will be plenty of support on hand before the day from our friends at the
community group. The funding they won from the nice people at NESTA to help develop our fledgling community is going to be used to help Coopers Den make people’s dreams a reality.

What happens after Coopers Den? Well, between October 2011 and February 2012 the dragon’s and the community group will work together with the winners of Coopers Den to help get the ideas off the ground to start making a positive impact on Coopers Edge! At the end of the first six months the whole community will be able to vote for their favourite project, the one they feel has made the biggest positive difference in Coopers Edge which will win an extra £2,500.

If you want anymore information or have any questions about anything including where to apply please get in touch with Bill at the community centre (  or 07923599526) . He is on holiday until the 5th of September and if you are so excited you want to find out more straight away you can get in touch by emailing

Everything you should need is attached below. There is a short question and answer based on questions the people I tested this on asked, but if you have others just let me know. There is a copy of the eligibility criteria and the application form.

Coopers Den – Q and A

Coopers Den – Eligibilty Criteria

The Coopers Den Application Form


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