August report……

Q: What’s been going well so far and why?

August has been the best month so far of the Neighbourhood Challenge. It’s just been so busy, we had the follow up meeting about the S106 and there are some really positive things going on in the community, and we’re organising our first Coopers Edge Action Day –

There has been an activity every week in Coopers Edge throughout August, we had a good mix of events provided by outside groups (like the play rangers) but also some brilliant events organised by local residents like the community art day and treasure hunts.

We have also seen the first matches of the Cooper Edge Cricket Club and some people have also started to try and setup a football club. It’s really great to see more ideas starting to evolve.

Q: What are the most challenging things you’ve faced so far and why?

Our challenges are similar to last month however and the running of the summer programme along with driving forward the section 106 issues and implementing the challenge prize & seed funding remains a difficult balancing act.

Q: How have the community been involved in the project set up so far?

The great thing about the activity programme has been the number of people who have helped our with events, and the positive ideas that have come out of the S106 meeting like arranging the action day are helping get more and more people involved. The response to Coopers Den has been really positive and some of the ideas that people have been discussing on Facebook are really exciting and interesting.

Q: Has anything surprising happened, within or around your project so far?

August has been a really fun month; there have been some really pleasant surprises, like how many people have been coming to events like the play rangers. It’s great to see so many people enjoying themselves.


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  1. This sounds like an interesting project. Good luck with this!

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