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January Report

What’s happened this month?

With the Christmas holidays and bank holidays it felt like January had a little bit of a slow start, but it soon gathered pace and there has been a lot going on. Coopers Edge has seen its first ever meeting of the WI, an informal get together and weekends, and if you want to book an activity in the community centre on a week night its becoming more a case of when we can fit you in! Never mind, not long til the school opens and we will have the hall, studio and community room available for hire!

The health visitor has kicked off their weekly sessions which has bought a much needed resource to the many families in Coopers Edge who really need access to this support and the community survey results have been analysed and put together ahead of unveiling next month.

What have you learnt this month?

A lot of the learning this month has been reinforcing what we have always believed, that you need to give people time and confidence to plan their own activities and sometimes that starts from a small base. One of the biggest successes this month has been the setup of five different neighbourhood watch schemes.  We arranged for the local coordinator to come along and speak, but then five different roads had the passion and enthusiasm to start their own scheme which is great.

What’s been challenging this month?

By far the biggest challenge is seeking funding to continue to work at the same level in 2012. The Neighbourhood Challenge end date is looming ever closer and the trustees are concerned that we do not want to go backwards, but we need money to go forwards. Having a paid community organiser is a huge benefit and has given us the opportunity to be available for the community more of the time, as the estate grows that will be even more important, however unless funding can be raised this resource will be lost.

Whatever happens the trust will carry on doing its best for Coopers Edge, and there are a large number of volunteers now engaged in projects, but coordination and a glue to hold it all together has been shown to be a major success of the challenge and there is a concern as to what will happen if we lose that.  

What are you proud of this month?

When the trustees were asked what they thought success would look like at the start of the neighbourhood challenge, one thing they said was other people having the confidence to run activities, that people would maybe find out about through the resources like the newsletter and social networks that we have put in place, but without any trustees being involved in the actual organising. That is happening now and it gives us huge pride.