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A few picutres of the Temporary Community Centre in development……

Hi Everyone,

Finally after what seems like a very long time since we got the funding (about three months) the Temporary Community Centre will be ready next week. There are a few photos of the ‘work in progress’ below.

If you interested in running an event, group or club please get in touch, we want it to be a resource for the community, rather than an empty building. We have a few limitations – there are a couple of martial arts the insurance won’t permit, but from pilates to parent and toddler, art groups to Spanish classes, we’d love it if people come forward with ideas and things they want to run.

We have a couple of things coming up in the next few days, some help getting the place setup on Sunday and a Stay and Play on Friday 17th. Check the Facebook group for event details:-!/group.php?gid=14166659235

Thanks for everyone’s support and help with the community group so far, and hopefully the temporary community centre will become a big success.

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